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We invite you to indulge in Chef and Restaurateur Jimmy Lambatos’s newest endeavor Jimmy’s Jersey Street Cafe & Osteria. Located at 9th and Jersey in the Mayfair neighborhood in Denver, Jimmy’s Jersey Street Cafe will serve the finest Italian fare in a quaint neighborhood spot. With seasonal menus, Jimmy uses the finest ingredients to create delicious food.  


Jimmy Lambatos has been an icon in the Denver restaurant scene for over 50 years. Starting out as a busboy at the Colorado Mine Company he is known for Denver restaurants including Footer's Restaurant (9th & Ogden), Footer's Catering, Bauer's (downtown Denver), and most recently Ivy at the Glenn (Streets of Southglenn). In addition, he is co-founder of the Quizno’s sandwich chain (you may remember Chef Jimmy from the Quizno's commercials). 

Please call us at 720-328-9481 to make a reservation!

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